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The Wild West

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A Cowboy's job was very important. He had to look after the cattle on the ranch and on the trail. The job was not easy and could be quite uncomfortable. It was dangerous, cattle could trample a cowboy to death in a stampede. There were dangers from Indians, and also the weather could be rough.

Cowboys lived in either a 'Bunkhouse' or on the open Plains. Either way they had little privacy and few possessions.

Most cowboys became very skilled on horseback, learning to rope cattle and round them up. They wore the' Stetson' hat to shade them from the sun , which was hot.' The hat was also used as a bowl either for man or for the horses to drink from. Cowboys wore 'chaps' made from leather over their denim jeans. These 'chaps' provided protection for their legs. A rifle may well be used to kill a cow that was badly injured, or a threat from a cougar or wolf. When the cowboys went into town, which could be a rough and dangerous place to visit then they may well have taken their guns.

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