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gold fever

Gold Fever

In 1848 gold was discovered in California. The following year most of the people who were heading west were gold prospectors. They became known as 'the forty-niners' because this was the year the Californian gold rush started. Much of the gold was found by 'Panning'. The gold was washed out of the mountain rocks by the streams; it mixed with the gravel on the riverbed.

To pan for gold the miners took a much something similar to a flying pan and filled it with the water and gravel. They swirled it around and the lighter of the 2 materials rose to the top. Gold is heavy so it sinks to the bottom and the panner would then search the gravel for the nuggets of gold. Although a few people made a fortune, most did not, and it was the people like the blacksmiths and shopkeepers, who came to provide for the miners needs that made the most money in the Californian gold rush.

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