War Between The Settlers and The Native American Indians

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War Between The Settlers and The Native American Indians

War Between The Settlers and The Native American Indians

When the Europeans first went to America they were welcomed by the Native American people, who taught them how to survive. Most of the settlers felt they were far superior to the Native People and when the natives died from European diseases they were not bothered at all.

In 1838 president Jackson decided that the Cherokee people could no longer stay in their home state of Georgia, and they were forced to leave their land and were forced to travel thousands of miles to land that was unwanted by the white people. In 1851 the US government agreed that the Native American Indians could have a large area of land in return for some of it being given to settlers.

This only lasted until 1861 As some of the Braves of the Cheyenne tribes went on the warpath to protest at the invasion of their lands in Colorado, particuarly by the gold prospectors. In response to this American soldiers massacred every woman, man and child in a Cheyenne village called Sand Creek. It was the start of a war between the US government, the settlers and the Native American people of the plains.

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